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INSA TURBO is a family-run company with a
great entrepreneurial and international philosophy.
We focus in our users, customers, partners
and suppliers without forgetting that we work for
the community, for which our goal is the highest

INSA TURBO began manufacturing retread tyres
in 1988, and after growing to be present in many
countries, we have achieved a daily production of
3000 units using the latest technologies to make
our INSA TURBO tyres.

In INSA TURBO we make use of the most modern
facilities strategically placed all over the Spanish
territory. Our headquarters has more than
200,000 square meters, where we can store a
huge stock to cover our customers’ needs.

INSA TURBO is engaged in producing amazing
renewed tyres, with a tyre to suit any vehicle in an
environmentally friendly way to recycle tyres.


What impresses about INSA TURBO is the way
we approach product development. We have our
own team of engineers, who work very closely
with the customer to develop new rubber
compounds and patterns, allowing us to
feedback information from dealers to make sure
each tyre is perfect for each customer.

Our quality control is superb. We only use grade
1 casings, which have no perforation or punctures,
no suspension wear and we use X-rays to
inspect all tyres before putting them through the
manufacturing process. This means our
customers can be confident that they are selling
a quality product.

Insa Turbo currently produces several patterns
which are available from main dealers in the
market: passenger car tyres (including winter
tyres), van tyres and truck tyres (pre-cured and
mold-cured), agricultural and OTR tyres, making
it the largest manufacturer of retread tyres in
Europe, with a total capacity of more than
500,000 units a year.


Thanks to our spirit, facilities and experience
INSA TURBO maintains a solid position in very
competitive markets like USA, Canada, South
and Central America, Caribbean, Middle East
and in some countries in Africa and Asia, and of
course, all over Europe.

In INSA TURBO we renew tyres, providing with
an ecological, economical and safe solution to a
current issue. Retreading allows us to save
energy and avoid pollution


. All our tyres that
cannot pass our thorough checks and are not
suitable to be recapped are shredded to become
rubber granules. This new raw material is used to
make new tyres but also shoe soles, soft paving
slabs for playgrounds, hoses and more.

Our tyres meet and surpass the strictest quality

and safety rules both national and international.

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