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Everyday new security equipment is launched into the market: airbags, brakes, seat belts, electronic traction devices… but they all seem to forget that the only contact point between the vehicle and the ground is the tires. Tires have to hold up the load, transmit acceleration and breaking, direct the vehicle and participate in the suspension, comfort and stability. Only professionals really understand the technological effort put into design and making of the tires. Very strict technical controls allow the new layer of rubber to form a single body with the used casing so safety and reliability are the same as before retreading.

Retreaded tires have proven as safe and durable as new ones in all the laboratory tests and on the road after years of practical use. These tires’ reliability has successfully been put to a test in the most demanding situations. Evidence of this is that all the airlines in the world use retreaded tires. On top of that, they are used everyday in buses, long haul trucks, professional car drivers and final consumers.

Nowadays, the TRIB (Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau) argues that renewed tires are the alternative chosen by most truck fleet managers. The association, with headquarters in California (United States), points out that North American truck fleets buy nearly 2 renewed tires for each new tire.

Our Insa Turbo tires have obtained the most prestigious national and international awards, certifying maximum product quality. Retreaded tires are safe to use at the same legal speed as equivalent new tires, keeping the same performance and comfort qualities. In addition, they last as long as a new tire, costing less per mile.

ISO 9001:200 Certification
AENOR grants the Certificate of Registration of manufacturer and distributor of retreaded tires.
INSIA Certification
Certificate of Quality in the Manufacture, granted by the University Institute for Automobile Research.
INSIA Certification
Certificate issued by the Department of Transportation of The United States, authorizing INSA TURBO to sell and distribute its tires in the United States and Canada.
 Energy Department
Official approval granted by the Industry and Energy Department, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (in development).
INSIA Certification
Our main goal is to protect the environment: recycling is always the spirit of our company’s work.
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