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INSA TURBO contributes in an active and voluntary way to the social and environmental improvement of the community with different kinds of actions. We have positioned ourselves as a socially responsible company that works for the society.

Each company of the Group is actively involved in the community it belongs to and endeavours to give back as much as it gets. Soledad Group participates in different types of voluntary actions and activities which help the environment as well as their community.

Ecology and environment


INSA TURBO reduces the use of unnecessary new tires, reusing tires in good condition and recycling those that cannot be recapped.

  1. Reusing good condition tires saves oil and avoids unnecessary CO2 emissions.

  2. Reduction of waste in form of used tires by making them last longer thanks to ecological and safe driving advice.

  3. Recycling tires that are not suitable for retreading, turning them into a raw material for roads, soft paving slabs for playgrounds and many more products.

In INSA and MCE, the most committed companies of the group in protecting the environment, recycling is not only goal, is the way to go. That is why we continuously invest in R&D to reduce energy costs in production.


An abandoned tire takes over 1,000 years to completely and naturally disappear. INSA TURBO has been collecting and renewing tires for more than 20 years. This work has spared the emission of 7,000,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, the same it would be achieved by planting 1930 square miles with pines, that would be an even bigger area than all the Grand Canyon Park. The equivalent waste in oil would be of 18 million Brent barrels, or 2.861.640.000 liters. Our task is definitely to achieve sustainability.

INSA TURBO is actively involved in the recycling of used tires. We provide an appropriate solution to development by extending the life of safe tires while we save energy and avoid pollution. All the tires that reach our facilities are inspected one by one to ensure optimal safety and protection to the environment.

All the tires that do not meet our safety requirements and are not suitable for retreading are grinded and turned into rubber granules. This new raw material is used in the manufacture of new tires, roads, shoe soles, safety paving slabs for playgrounds, hoses and many more.

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