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Research and development (FEDER) project


Project of research and development of systems of rubber in the improvement of road safety (road-RUB)

Del NEUMATCIO, S.A. industries has obtained funding through the Centre for Industrial technological development - CDTI for the development of the project "research and development of systems of rubber applicable in the improvement of the road safety ", co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development - ERDF, through smart growth Mulitcat operative program."

This project, initiated in October of 2017 and completed in October 2018, has allowed to study, define and develop an innovative system of protection road (road-RUB), made from particles of recycled rubber from tires outside use (NFU), applicable in the improvement of the safety against risk of impact with the basis of the present Highway guardrails.
The work done has allowed to develop formulations and appropriate systems to present a comprehensive solution to energy absorption of impact and minimization of the risk of amputations, accidents, as well as a best properties of durability, resistance to fire, weather agents, improve visibility, etc.

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