Special Track

  Extreme Edition  

dimensions IC/CV
15 195/80 R15 94Q
15 205/70 R15 96Q
15 235/75 R15 105Q
15 31 X 10,50 R15 109Q
16 205/80 R16 104Q
16 235/70 R16 106S
16 235/85 R16 120/116N
16 265/75 R16 112/109Q
16 285/75 R16 (NEW) 112/119N

The Insa Turbo Special Track tire is designed for the high Off-Road competition. It has a great push power, an excellent traction on any area, and great resistance to the external impact and to the weather inclemency, being the perfect tire for the 4x4 and the extreme adventure lovers.

The most advanced R&D has allowed to Insa Turbo to make the Special Track, being a bet for the quality, the innovation and especially the ecology. In addition its aggressive profile combines the most advanced technology with avant-garde aesthetics, according to the needs of the most demandingly 4x4driver. It was made withanultra-resistant and lasting rubber compound which provides it less rolling resistance that reduces fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions, reducingnoise in motion, and helping to grip and safety sensation due to the ideal performancesbalance.

Main characteristics and technical advantages of Special Track:

• Itswidth and deep tread on the shoulders provides to itless wear and an excellent traction.
• Central space of the treadreduction to improvehandling and mileage power.
• Its widecavitieson the shoulders optimize the traction in mud and snow to improve its safety.
• Off-roads variable disposition which provides more silent driving.
• Less off-road in the tread to increase its handling and to improve its capacity of braking.