dimensions IC/CV
15 215 R15 102Q
15 235/75 R15 105S
15 265/70 R15 112S
15 30X9,50 R15 104Q
15 31X10,50 R15 109Q
16 205/80 R16 104S
The Insa Turbo Sagra is a specially designed tire for all terrainleisure vehicles and for those drivers who demand performance and stability onroad. It is developed by a sophisticated design which offers a better driving on road under any weathercondition and an ideal traction out of road, due to itsradial blocks treadwith many grooves.

Main characteristics and technical advantages of Sagra:

• Itsspecial blocks tread grants it an excellent traction with an importantreduction of noise.
• Its radial grooves are an effective response to mud dispersal.
• Its wide treadcrown increases tire life and its preservation.
• The asymmetric design of its tread grants it an ideal behaviour in curves and excellenthandling.