dimensions IC/CV
15 195/80 R15 96S
15 205/70 R15 96S
15 235/75 R15 105S
15 31X10,50 R15 109Q
16 205/80 R16 104S
16 215/65 R16 98S
16 225/70 R16 102R
16 235/60 R16 100S
16 235/70 R16 106S
16 235/85 R16 120/116N
16 265/70 R16 112S
16 265/75 R16 112S
17 235/65 R17 104S
17 265/65 R17 112S
18 255/55 R18 109S
The Insa Turbo Rangeris amixed uses tire that guarantees a perfect combination of grip, traction, safety and roadholding, offering an optimal control of the vehicle both in the most demanding ways and in road.

Main characteristics and technical advantages of Ranger:

• Its deep and aggressive sculpture provides to it an excellent mobility and grip in all kind of areas.
• Increased solidity and resistance against the aggressions.
• The extension of the sculpture of the sidewalls assures a comfortable driving on any road surface.
• The sophisticated profile of its tread avoids noise on road and increases itsmobility out of road.