dimensions IC/CV
15 205/70 R15 96S
15 215/80 R15 102S
15 225/70 R15 100S
15 225/75 R15 102S
15 235/75 R15 105S
15 30X9,50 R15 104Q
15 31X10,50 R15 109Q
16 215/80 R16 103S
16 235/70 R16 106S
16 235/85 R16 120/116N
16 245/70 R16 107S
16 265/70 R16 112S
16 265/75 R16 112/109Q
The Insa Turbo Mountain is a mixed uses tire that perfectly combines the aggressive appearance of the off-road with the sensitivity and elegance of the on-roaddriving. Developed through the most advanced technology, it guarantees the perfect combination of 4x4 traction with good stability and performance on road.

Main characteristics and technical advantages of Mountain:

• It has an improved trodden compound which improves the tire mileage.
• Its special tread block contributes to an ideal wear resistance.
• Its wide and independent tread block grantsit an excellent traction and braking on any condition of the road.
• The strategically placed protectors of the sidewall increase its stability and handling.
• Better external aggressions resistance on stone surfaces.