the latest addition to the brand recycled tires, Alicante comes from group solitude where he has been director of the network of

Elche, 19 November- recycled tires Insa Turbo company, has named Salvador Perez Lucena commercial director of the company. From his new position, Perez will play the work at the forefront of management and business strategy of the brand, combining it with the commercial direction of mixtures of rubber and rubber Verdú, all companies belonging to the Group solitude. This appointment is made in order to revitalize the company and achieve new goals of positioning and expansion in the sector, both nationally and internationally.

Salvador Perez Lucena, former director of the network of workshops of the Group solitude, is a professional with a long and brilliant career in the distribution market of tyres, both nationally and internationally. His extensive experience in the sector, together with their knowledge and professionalism, coupled with his ability to command, shown in their previous roles have been the reasons for which has been chosen to lead this new project.
it joins its intense activity in the sector of the aftermarket and the AutoCare, which has been responsible for direct:

• control the management of all the centers of solitude, and ensure the achievement of the objectives.

• maximize their profitability ensuring the criteria of quality, image and services.

• assess and analyze the current situation of each centre: billing, resources and actions commercial and marketing.

• participate in the definition, plan, organize and develop strategic and business plans of each Center.

• carry out market studies to approve nationwide expansion projects.

, And by this appointment, Insa Turbo continued with its development policies for the family Protocol, maintaining his entrepreneurial spirit, which carry more than 25 years closing the circle of tyre, doing this work in a way committed to the society and betting every day by the quality.