Getafe dawned full of recycled tire InsaTurbo trapped in blocks of ice, hard-hitting message about the effects of global warming.

last Friday 8 June in the center of Getafe has been conducted a performance about the consequences of climate change caused by global warming, represented for this purpose with blocks of ice to recycled tire InsaTurbo contained inside. This action represents a scale melting of the Poles as a result of global warming, which has become a global climate challenge. Thus, aims to educate the consumer and public administrations on the environmental advantages that supposes the use of tires recycled or refurbished in the society.

Tires recycled or refurbished InsaTurbo represent an important source of ecological and economic savings, are the authentic eco-efficient tires since:

• 45% saving ENERGY: needed 23'5 liters of oil to manufacture a new tire, and only 13´05 for one renovated. (1)

52% saving emissions CO2: are issued 63'64 kg of CO2 in the process of making a new tire, and only 31 kg for retreading. (1)

47% cost savings: in passenger cars. (1)

50% agua: saving 1961 litres of water to manufacture a new tire, and only 980 for one renovated are needed. (2)

keep in mind that a tire takes more than 1,000 years in disappearing of nature if we don't recycle it, and in Spain are discarded per year more than 300,000 tons of tires. Today are two posibilidad:

• reuse them: more ecological action is to convert them into renewed tire changing them tread, ready for returning to circular. These tyres are homologated with the same standard of the Ministry of industry that a conventional tire, standard E9. They are so confident that 95% of international airlines used them in their planes. In the U.S. renewed tires use is mandatory in all vehicles, both State and federal, including from his army until its postal body. On the other hand, in Spain, its use is very small corps of engineers of the army of Earth, being the pioneers in the use of this type of tyres. "

• Recycle them: tires that are not suitable to become new tyres are used to transform them in safer roads, safety tiles, surfaces for sport, etc. or energy.

< p style =" "text-align: justify;" > 1-calculations approximate, extracted from the study "Analysis of the environmental performance of tyre retreading" of the Chair for research and training on tires recycled from the University Miguel Hernández. They are all disused tyres collected by TNU, of tourism, of size 195/65R15, weight 7 ' 5 Kg, per each renewed tire left of issue 32'8 Kg of CO2 and consuming 10.5 liters of oil per unit.

2-consumption water source: United States Environmental Protection Office of Water EPA 810-F-95-001 Agency