The new range Insa Turbo Ecoline awarded the RBI

Insa Turbo, nº 1 of tires recycled from Spain, with more than 20 years of international experience brand, it has been awarded by the prestigious journals Autoprofessional, tires + accessories and replacement free of the publishing group RBI, in the first edition of the awards to technological innovation in automotive aftermarket.

In this sense, has awarded the new range Insa Turbo Ecoline, giving him the award in the category of best tire renewed. This new generation of tires Insa Turbo combine the most advanced technology with aesthetics of avant-garde, according to the needs of the driver of the 21st century. Manufactured from a compound of rubber ultra resistant and durable, providing a lower rolling resistance (which translates into; reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions), less loudness in driving, an optimal balance, a greater grip and safety.

Insa Turbo reinvents tire renovated to responding to the demands of the market and current ecological demand, to offer a product of great performance at the best price. This new generation of renewed tyres has 3 lines focused on different types of driving and vehicle: Eco-Evolution, Eco Saver and Eco Drive

shall detail the General characteristics of the Ecoline

line -optimal balanced
the strong investment in r & d during the past years allows us to guarantee the balanced

tire -homogeneous weights
the use of a unique brand of housing in the manufacture of a measure translates into a standardization of the weights.

-Noise reduction and finish top
the new Ecoline line develops cutting-edge molds used in the manufacture of the new tyre which significantly reduces the level of loudness and gives you a superior aesthetics of appearance and terminations.

formulation used in these tires improves the behaviour road offering a lower rolling resistance and ensuring a greater mileage.

this range offers the same performance as new tyres at a cost per kilometre between 30% and 50% more economic.

-100% Organic
these tires save energy and provide an important ecological benefit to the society.

The most advanced r & d has enabled Insa Turbo manufacture this new range of refurbished tires, a bet by the quality, innovation and above all the ecology within the world of the tire. It is noteworthy that renewed tires Insa Turbo show the same behavior than a conventional tire but with a lower cost, and are guaranteed by national and international certifications: ISO 9001, E9, INSIA, DOT US, GREEN LIFE... as well as prestigious awards such as the 2002 NOVA, ARA... that ensures exceptional quality.

Renewed tires Insa Turbo manage to reach savings between 50% and 75% in the consumption of energy and raw materials as well as emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere and a cost savings to the consumer of 47%. (Chair for research and training on recycled tires - Miguel Hernández University).

This recognition granted by the Publisher RBI, strengthens the position of Insa Turbo as a benchmark in the sector, through continuous commitment to innovation and the application of the latest technologies in research, design and manufacture of tyres renovated for rental, 4 x 4, SUV and truck, in order to offer a product with all the guarantees of security while respecting the environment.