The grand finale of the Copa Insaturbo trial 4 x 4 takes place this Sunday in Aspe


Insaturbo, manufacturer of tires recycled with more than 25 years of international experience, held the final of the Copa Insaturbo Trial 4 x 4 2012 in Aspe, which will bring together the best 4 x 4 vehicles prepared to face this latest trial this Sunday, September 30.

the final test will consist of a contest of skill, where the driver and co-driver will test their 4 x 4, trying to overcome obstacles of great difficulty and steep drop-offs in the most abrupt and steep grounds.

this season, the Championship has consisted of 6 tests held in Levantine and Manchego territories, distributed between the months of April, June, August, and September, putting its point and final for the first time in Aspe, it will host a great show for the enjoyment of all the viewers who wish to attend the meeting and witness this exciting trial.

also and to close the event, at the conclusion of the test is drawn gifts for non-competing participants, there will be bar, music and lunches to accompany the event before crowning the winner.

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