Truck covers inspection, controlling the quality for a perfect renewed tire Insaturbo


The process of renewed truck tire requires different controls and works from the used tires reach the factory of Aspe (Alicante). The first of them and one of the most important is the inspection of the housing. The same, must meet strict quality standards to ensure the success of the final product.

The purpose of this section is that only the best shells pass the process of renewed. To ensure that this important objective is the frameworks for truck Inspection Department.

this section was created a few years after the factory will get underway, and currently has 12 partners who work distributed in three shifts working from Monday to Friday; since inspection of carcasses from the truck never stops working.

housing inspection is divided into three main checkpoints made by our colleagues. The first one is pressure machine, which involves housing undergo great pressure with the aim of finding deformations. Is then performed visual control and inspection of punctures, whose purpose is to see whether it meets all the minimum requirements that are required, in addition to detecting possible punctures to be arranged subsequently.

last inspection is performed in shearografia machine. It is a machine with a very modern and cutting-edge technology, and whose objective is to detect internal defects that might have the housing. This is done in special cameras that perform a small vacuum housing. This is done in a special chambers which perform a vacuum small housing, seeking separation of layers. All carcasses bearing these separations are discarded and are not suitable for manufacture.