on the occasion of the "day world of recycling" held today, day 17 may, Insaturbo company sustainable and specialized in the manufacture of tires refreshed, advocates the recycling of used tyres, since, through reuse, they provide an important ecological saving to society. Thus Insa contributes actively and voluntarily to social and environmental improvement of the community, through its different ecological actions, positioning itself as a socially responsible company.

In addition, the company based in Aspe (Alicante) reduces the consumption of new tyres, tyres suitable for thus renew and recycle those that are not valid:

1. Reuse: tyres in good condition renewing them, with special emphasis on oil-saving and CO2 emissions.

2. reduce: consumption of new tires, extending the life of those who already are used, through ecological and responsible driving tips, directly related to the driving safe.

3. Recycle: tires that are not valid, giving him new applications ranging from the use of rubber on the pavement of roads, parks, retirement homes, civil decoration safety tiles, footwear... until technical parts of the sector industry.

are working from its origin and creation tasks of recycling and treatment of used tyre and is constantly investing in r & d to reduce the energy costs of production.

Must be taken into account that an abandoned tire takes to degrade and disappear from nature more than 1,000 years. Insaturbo has more than 25 years collecting and renovating disused tyres. This work has prevented issued 7,000,000 of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, the same that planting 500,000 acres of pines, 7 times the Natural Park of Doñana and saving 18 million barrels Brent, more than 2,800 million liters of oil to nature to have a real sustainable development.

Insaturbo involves itself actively in the efficient management of used tyres, renewing tyres and providing a green, safe and economical solution because they save energy and prevent pollution. All discarded tires coming to the factory, are selected one by one to determine what will be the use to which it will be used.

All those who do not exceed our extensive analysis and are not valid for be renewed, are crushed, turning them into raw materials such as rubber granulate. This new material is reused in the manufacture of new tyres, but also of shoe soles, tiles of safety for playgrounds, sports fields, hoses, etc.