Insa Turbo Sahara, the maximum traction tire Off Road 4 x 4


Insa Turbo, nº 1 in tires recycled from Spain, with more than 20 years of international experience in the sector brand, expands the range of your tire Sahara measures (80% off road 20% on road) at really competitive prices.

el Insa Turbo Sahara, is the maximum traction 4 x 4 Off road tyre. Is designed for pick-up, recreational vehicles and all land requiring optimum traction in conditions limit in the most demanding terrain, to be a safe bet for 4 x 4 extreme drivers.

INSA Turbo Sahara, the maximum traction tire Off Road 4 x 4

• large cavities in the shoulders and your balancer and aggressive disposition of blocks provide more traction and optimum performance in mud and snow.

• flanks reinforced near the shoulders provide greater protection in the most demanding trails.

• your deep drawing directional cues gives greater traction, providing its self-cleaning, through his deep and aggressive shoulders.

Sahara eco tyre is manufactured under the r & d more advanced, using the latest technology of Insa Turbo, developed in its Center for innovation in Aspe. Likewise, offers more grip and less driving rolling resistance and to contribute to the care of the environment, since all Insa Turbo tyres are renewed, by reducing manufacturing petrol consumption and CO2 emissions, in addition to being certified by the Ministry of industry with the same standard than conventional 4 x 4 tyres, the E9.

Insa Turbo offers a wide range of 4 x 4 tyres, which are adapted to the needs of each driver, terrain and weather, while supporting sustainable growth of tire recycling circle closes.

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15 ' 195/80 R15 94Q
  205/70 R15 94Q
  215/75 R15 100Q
  215/80 R15 102Q
  235/75 R15 105Q
  265/70 R15 112Q
  30 X 9-50 R15 104Q
  31 X 10-50 R15 109Q
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16 " 205/80 R16 104S
  235/70 R16 106Q
  235/85 R16 120/116N
  750 R16 116N
265/70 R16 112Q

Insa Turbo Sahara and Insa Turbo 4 x 4 proposals are available at, the largest online store dedicated to lovers of driving "All Terrain"

since its inception, at the end of 2011 the has become everything a benchmark at national level for the lover of the 4 x 4. Your complete website, as well as an online shop offering a large stock of tyres, also is a meeting point for lovers of lifestyle "All Terrain" share their experiences adventurous in the Forum, be informed of the activities and events that the Clubinsa4x4 starts up every day on your calendar or you can locate the closest shop to your home to mount your tires

one of the novelties that has recently become active on their website is a practical routemeter, starting from which users can mark the routes that have traveled with their 4 x 4, showing their photos, and detailing the levels of difficulty... and to discover routes that other adventurers have been carried out by the width and length of the Spanish geography.