Insa Turbo participates in the international fair of the tyre in Reifen


manufacturer reinvents the winter tire with its novelty Pyrenees, generating great interest among the attendees
the company
Alicante Insa Turbo, tires recycled with more than 25 years international experience has participated during the days NPV and June 8 at the Reifen Essen (Germany) fair, exhibition of reference in the world of the tire where CITES sector specialists, showing her his latest covers and derivative services

at this biennial character fair, Insa Turbo unveiled its wide range of tires, directed to all types of vehicles, terrain and climate; tourism, light truck, truck, snow and 4 x 4, arousing great interest among the public Assistant.

Among the novelties that Insa Turbo showed highlights its new Eco Line range, tires that combine the latest technology with aesthetics of avant-garde, according to the needs of the driver of the 21st century. Manufactured from a compound of rubber ultra resistant and durable, providing a lower rolling resistance (which translates into; reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions), less loudness in driving, an optimal balance, a greater grip and safety.

This new generation of renewed tyres has 4 lines focused on different types of driving and vehicle, which include last new line Pyrenees of Insa Turbo, new renovated invierno:br
tire • Evolution: Eco tourism of high-performance tires. Perfect balance of sportiness and safety. High durability and grip on any surface. Eco-efficient properties: low resistance to rolling with the consequent saving of fuel. They provide an extraordinary control and stability on the ground.

• Eco Saver: tyre for safe and long-lasting tourism, provides high performance and driving comfort. It offers high level of mileage. It combines a perfect balance between lightness, low resistance to turning, excellent performances on wet, a satisfactory driving and economic savings.

• Eco drive: renewed last generation 4 x 4 tyre. Designed to offer a comfortable driving by road. Eco-efficient properties: low resistance to rolling with the consequent saving of fuel. Pneumatic high performance and high security.

• Pyrenees: Insa Turbo retries the winter tires, with a new line which provides great traction, safety and comfort, for their incredible adhesion to the ground in extreme conditions; snow, ice, rain... etc. It guarantees an excellent dynamic comfort and quietness in the March. Optimal behavior on dry and wet surfaces.

The most advanced r & d has enabled Insa Turbo manufacture this new range of eco-friendly tires, a commitment to quality, innovation and above all the ecology within the world of the tire. It is noteworthy that renewed tires Insa Turbo show the same behavior than a conventional tire but with a lower cost, and are guaranteed by national and international certifications: ISO 9001, E9, INSIA, DOT US, GREEN LIFE... as well as prestigious awards such as the 2002 NOVA, ARA... that ensures exceptional quality.