pioneers in the sector by the utilization of energy electric 100% renewable, environmentally in all its facilities in Insa Turbo

not conform only to produce tyres eco-friendly, if not who have decided to go one step further and become a company completely sustainable through an agreement pioneered the industry with the company Fenie energy: obtaining 100% green electricity. An efficient and respectful manner with the environment make possible its production process.

This process, replaces 100% of conventional electricity consumption, by energy source completely sustainable, coming from installations of electricity of renewable origin, cogeneration or waste, certified by the CNMC, National Commission Markets and competition. Thus it contributes even more to make climate change and other environmental challenges, giving priority to the more efficient use of natural resources that allow us to advance towards a more sustainable energy model.

Also this new source of green energy, joins installed years ago, biomass boiler so Insa Turbo can affirm that in its plant of renewed tire has been reduced dependence on fuels, making it in a example of sustainability for the sector.

The implementation of this new system follows the strategic line taken from Insa Turbo to ensure top quality tires, with maximum safety for the driver, since they are certified to the same standards as the tires conventional, being respectful with the environment.

Similarly, tyres Soledad, mixtures of rubber and rubber Industrial Verdú, also pertaining to Group solitude, have implemented this new eco-energy plan with the environment, in order to close the circle of tire shape sustainable in all its processes