Pioneers in the sector by the use of thermal energy clean, respectful with the environment in their manufacturing processes.

In Insa Turbo not only conform to produce eco-friendly tires, if not who have decided to become a company totally Ecosustainable through an agreement pioneer in the sector with the biomass Eona company: thermal energy through the installation of a biomass boiler. An efficient and respectful manner with the environment make possible the production process.

This new process, eliminates practically the consumption of fossil fuels and gaseous, replacing them with energy generation through remains of dried native pruning, such as palm trees, pine trees or even algae of the Mediterranean. In this way, contributes further to make climate change and other environmental challenges with a preventive approach, since being a fuel that comes from forest waste, much is achieved when caring for the forests, so, indirectly, it helps to reduce the risk of fire, that allow a more efficient use of natural resources and enable progress towards a more sustainable energy model. Also being a local fuel avoided imports from other countries of fuels derived from petroleum, promoting the economy, the forests and the planet.

The boiler has been installed at its plant in Aspe (Alicante) where takes place the tourism, 4 x 4 and truck tyres recycling process, 100% of the thermal energy consumed now is biomass. Also this reduction in the emission of GHG greenhouse adds to the savings already on offer tires recycled in its manufacture.

The use of biomass as a renewable energy resource, instead of the commonly used fossil fuels involves environmental and economic advantages of first order, as son:

  • Decrease in sulphur emissions.
  • Decrease of particulate matter emissions.
  • Reduced emissions of pollutants such as CO, HC and NOX. (Neutral CO2 cycle)
  • Economic savings of energy costs, ranging from 25% to 60%.
  • In this way, Insa Turbo can claim in its plant of renewed tire has been reduced the dependence on fossil fuels, thus becoming an example of ecological sustainability for the industry.

The implementation of this system follows the strategic line taken from Insa Turbo to ensure top quality tires, with maximum safety for the driver, since they are homologated with the same rules as conventional and eco-friendly tires.