Insa Turbo EcoDrive, the ecological and economic alternative for SUV


Insa Turbo, benchmark in renovated tyres sector, presents Eco Drive, its new range of tires for SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), vehicles whose demand is growing in the automotive world by combining the best performance for SUVs with the cars of.

from the most luxurious SUV to the latest standard models, may choose to put your wheels with Insa Turbo Ecoline new proposals. This new generation of renewed tires combines the latest technology with aesthetics of avant-garde, according to the needs of the driver of the 21st century.

built from ultra tough and durable rubber compound, these tires provide a comfortable and safe driving on any firm, in addition to a low rolling resistance resulting in a considerable reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Also noteworthy is its great traction on wet surfaces and its minimum loudness in driving, contributing also to mitigate noise pollution.

in addition to this ecological advantage, notably that renewed tires Insa Turbo show the same behavior as one conventional on the surface but with a lower cost, to be up to 50% cheaper than a new tyre.

continuous commitment to innovation and the application of the latest technologies in research, design and manufacture of renewed tyres, has allowed Insa Turbo offer an eco-product environment of excellent value for money, and with all the guarantees of security expected in a next-generation tire.

measures EcoDrive

16 " 265/70 R16 112 H/S/T
  215/65 R 16 102 H
17 " 235/65 R17 104 H