Recording the La2 TVE the beetle Green program


last 7 and 8 July, the mythical La2 TVE "El beetle green" environment, on air since 1997 program, visited our facilities to record a program of its new season, which will be broadcast starting from September this year. Specifically recording was developed in the Ecological Drive Elche workshop and factories of rubber mixtures and Insaturbo in Aspe, to known first as "close the circle of the tire" since they are replaced in the workshop until again return to the road in second life as renewed tyres. Also witnessed firsthand from as we manage tyres out of use and which are the different destinations that we give them, since return to put them on road to become artificial turf, playground safety tiles, soles of shoes, hoses, acoustic insulation in order to reduce the consumption of oil, CO2 emissions and thus contribute to the care of the environment.