Art and nature together in recycled tires Insa Turbo


tire industries, presents its new campaign about the new generation of Insa Turbo tyres. For the occasion he has counted with the collaboration of the artist are Mackaoui, famous for its original graphic and animated compositions, exhibited in major art galleries and museums around the world.

Insa Turbo has chosen to be Mackaoui to give shape to its new campaign for its innovative view of reality and special sensitivity for the environment, qualities that are reflected in the new tires Insa Turbo, greener and with the latest contributions from r & d of the company. According to Mackaoui "has been a pleasure to work for Insa Turbo, and a good artistic challenge." Tires have appeared in my previous personal works, forms and well-suggestive objects to play and compose".

Collages of Mackaoui merged insects with tires, highlighting the ecological and economic benefits that brings its use and involvement of the brand with the environment, since these tires do not leave a "footprint" in nature.

Benefits such as:

• saving of 29.5 litres of oil for each tire.
• reduction of 74 Kg of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.
• cost savings of up to a 60%

On the new Eco Insa Turbo:

new Eco Insa Turbo tyres, have been created thanks to the application of the technology most advanced in renovated tyres production, coupled with the ecological commitment to the project.

The new Eco Insa Turbo is, therefore, the result of years of work and has resulted in a product with the same benefits as a new tire to a lower costs following the innovative, economical and of course ecological values of the firm.

This reinvention, is a product with great advantages, which provide great added value and difference to the tyre Eco Insa Turbo competition: total quality, lower rolling resistance; most durable rubber compound and extra grip and safety. This tire displays the same behavior as a new tire but with a lower economic cost that meets and exceeds the expectations of the customer.