Start the Cup insa turbo trial 4 x 4 2013


Insa Turbo, leading brand in the sector's renewed tires at national and international level, with a history of more than 25 years, put names to one of the most important and exciting on the national scene mode 4 x 4 Championships.

this season, the trial will consist of 8 tests between April and October, giving place each of the meetings between Valencia and Castilla La Mancha. The Championships will take home this Sunday April 21 at Villamalea (Albacete), followed by this date are scanned tests consecutively; on May 12 at Requena (Valencia), on 2 June in Sax (Alicante), June 23 in Almansa (Albacete), on 21 July in Higuerela (Albacete), on August 10 in Caudete de Las Fuentes (Valencia), on September 1 in L' Alcúdia (Valencia) until the grand finale which will take place in Aspe (Alicante) on October 6.

will in each trial, be drawn among participants 1 set of 4 tires Insa Turbo, model and measures to choose between its extensive catalog intended for vehicles 4 x 4.

the team that is winning all the Insa Turbo Cup wins a cruise, courtesy of the Group solitude travel agency. To the second classified is them will award with a set of cushions, courtesy of Just For Fun "JFF" single Jeep, and for the third place, a plasma MAS4X4 or surprise cable.

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