Red Point


Market conditions lead us to innovate more and more whereby we are in continue process of adaptation out our customer’s needs. INSA TURBO invests in technology and develops their brand with the purpose of being at the forefront of the market. As a consequence of being in continuous development, our I+D Department has created a new rubber compound named RED POINT which improve the features and benefits of retread tyre.

What is RED POINT?

• RED POINT FORMULATION: new rubber compound developed thanks to the collaboration of Hankook with the Insa Turbo I+D Department. The main feature provided by this new formulation is its refrigerant power. How the heat is dispersed on its structure is the key to improve the tyre conduct on the road and its resistance to wear out. This guarantees a bigger mileage performance.

• PREMIUM QUALITY CASINGS: Top brands: Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone, Good Year, Dunlop, Continental and Hankook. DOT lower than 4 years old.

• INSA TURBO INTEGRAL TECHNOLOGY: the highest market technology to retread tyres in mould from bead to bead. Top finishing due to new refit of our moulds and brand image thanks to the new sidewall design.