Quality policy

The main objective of the tire industry, S.A.U is the full satisfaction of our customers, being the quality of products and services supplied, our priority to maintain and increase, as well as in all our activities.
Continuous improvement is present as part of our commitment to strengthen and continuously improve the following principio:br

• customer satisfaction
• efficiency economic company
• satisfaction of our staff-
• the confidence of our suppliers
• the satisfaction of society in general
• compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements
• care and preservation of the environment.

Our human capital is the key to success, to maintain and increase the quality of our products and services. Values as the work team, the feeling of being part of the Organization and the importance of the work of one's own, or other fundamental aspects as training, management focused on leadership, or the constant innovation and diversification in the products that we offer to the customer, allows us to get their trust and loyalty.
And our commitment to continuous improvement, always with two pillars to maintain and preserve such as the occupational safety and health of our human resources, as well as the preservation of the environment. Our continuous technological improvement is carried out in our facilities in order to recycle and not to destroy.
Also must strive to integrate our suppliers as an inseparable part of the improvement process and internal search efficiency of labour, with the motto "well made and the first".

In order to ensure that they remain our Organization and these commitments, we always take into account our Committee of quality ensures the necessary exchange of information, both internally and externally and determines and keeps updated the main objectives of the quality to meet.